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The Woman of Thousand Voices

Artist and poet Ruth Dorrit Yacoby hears the crying voices of the lost children, who were sacrificed on the altar of war, calling her to convey their silent scream to the world, to stop the killing, to preserve life, to serve as their mouthpiece.

The film exposes an entire hidden world of souls and voices, metaphysical places and quests through transcendental state of being and the artist's poems which conceal the story of the film, read out loud by her father and mother.

This is a long voyage from the land of the dead, the land of white oblivion, from the terrible fire and subsequent ashes, onto revival and rebirth of the crying, bleeding souls to a new life within us.

Director, Photographer, Editor: Amram Jacoby
Poems and Artworks - Ruth Dorrit Yacoby
sound designer : Nissim Massas
Online: Tal Rom
The film was produced with the support of
The Jeheshua Rabinowitz Foundation
Length: 66 min. Israel

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