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About Ruth

Ruth Dorrit Yacoby (1952-2015) was an international artist, painter and poet, who lived in the south of Israel near the Dead Sea at the edge of the Judean desert. She held 67 solo exhibitions in major museums and galleries across five continents. Among them in New York, Toronto, Montreal, Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Mexico City, Lima, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem. Her works are held in private collections and in museums in Israel and abroad.
Her work is an ongoing quest, a journey from death, fragmentation, salt, and bleeding, to a territory of healing, stitching, comfort, and vocation. Her creation is a transition from the stain of blood to the stain of light, from the place of profound death, to rebirth.

Most of her paintings were executed over a long period of time, outdoors, and were left there, exposed to the elements of the desert, the salt from the Dead Sea, the blurring sun, the wind the and sandstorms. The exposure to the physical and emotional substances of the place which was part of the creative process gave the works additional dimensions of memories, embedded in cycles of life. Each work is like a documentary piece of an archaeology of the soul, transpire across time, transcending and containing it.

I call you with all the powers of light

with my thousand voices

in all the labyrinths

in the harsh corridors where

I once called for my mother

I walk on and call your name

will the thousand voices

go through the thousand corridors

and reach your heart

and echo in the thousand corridors

of the chamber of your heart

will you hear the thousand voices of light

that devoid the darkness

Ruth Dorrit Yacoby
Ruth Dorrit Yacoby

She saw the creative process as an act of looking into the clear mirror of eternity where the times of recollection and reawakening from oblivion fuse together, becoming part of the memory, lighting the candle in the eternal fields of light, kindling memory, granting the soul eternal life; a binding thread of life, a time in which all paths are open and healing is possible.

This website is part of a continuing process of documentation, cataloguing, and preserving the artwork of Ruth Dorrit Yacoby. This process, led by her family is a lifelong commitment to continue her mission and eco the unique voice of her creation in Israel and in the world.

Ruth Dorrit Yacoby
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